The Fahiem Bacchus PhD Award in Satisfiability 2024: Call for Nominations

The SAT Association establishes a new award: the Fahiem Bacchus PhD Award in Satisfiability. The award distinguishes one outstanding PhD thesis from the past two years in the field of Satisfiability, broadly construed. The award is named after Fahiem Bacchus who made significant contributions to the theory and practice of SAT as well as to the SAT community and the SAT Association.


Eligible for the award are those who successfully defended their PhD:

The PhD students supervised or co-supervised by the Award Committee members are not eligible.


Candidates for the award must be nominated by their supervisor(s) and one additional independent researcher who reviewed/examined the thesis. Nominations are to be submitted via email, by 21 May 2024 (Anywhere on Earth).

The nomination must consist of one compressed file (.zip) containing:


The thesis will be evaluated with respect to its quality, originality, and (potential) impact to the field of Satisfiability.

The nominations will be evaluated and compared by an Award Committee. The justification by the supervisor and the nominating additional independent researcher report will play an important role in the evaluation. The final decision is made by the Award Committee at least two months before SAT is being held.

The award consists of a certificate announcing the winner to have received the Fahiem Bacchus PhD Award in Satisfiability and a prize money of 1,500 Euro, which in principle can also be used to cover travel costs to attend the SAT conference. The award will be announced and conferred at the conference SAT 2024. The nominators of the winner will also receive a copy of this certificate. The decision of the Expert Committee is final and cannot be appealed.

Award Committee

The committee consists of Board Members of the SAT Association and for 2024 comprises the following people:

Nominations shall be sent to Olaf Beyersdorff ( by 21 May 2024 (AoE).